Give it a rest.

I was standing at my kitchen sink thinking of the myriad of tasks still unfinished on my to-do list.  These included a bunch of planting and pruning tasks in my garden, not to mention the mess I have going on in my office/studio/classroom right now.

The voice of my Noisy Internal Perfectionist (let's just call her My N.I.P.) was insisting that I get everything completely in order before school starts in a few days.  My N.I.P would not stand for anything less than her perceived perfection (I swear. she is soooo noisy!), but I was still debating between giving in to my need to rest and just listening to her and plowing ahead and therefore burning myself out.

So, I was looking out of the window at all of the undone garden tasks when I spotted a hummingbird apparently enjoying the nectar from one of the bleeding heart vines.  These are the same vines that appear to be dead for the entire winter and always delight me when they return and bloom, but that's not important right now. =D

Hummingbirds and their frenetic wing activity just amaze me.  They never appear to have to stop to rest.

I was thinking this as I ran to get my camera.  (I know....)  ;-)

When I returned to the window, this is what I saw...
It was as if he was very specifically answering my "Do they ever rest?" question.

Once again, God uses nature to humble me. Lesson learned.

Note to My N.I.P. -  SHUT. UP.

Random fun-fact:
The hummingbird is called a "zun-zun" (zoon zoon) in Spanish Cuba.
(I just like the way that sounds. =D)