General rules have exceptions, don't they?

So, as a general rule I don't eat donuts.  Nothing against them.  But I don't love donuts.  I don't go out of my way to pick up a donut at church on Sunday (which is where I'm most likely to have a run-in with a donut, but that's not important right now).

See?  Donuts are not even on my radar.

But we had to go to Borders and to Best Buy today which meant we had to drive by here:

Krispy K

And when the hot doughnuts sign is on, well, I guess..... it makes me want to have a donut! Although, let me reiterate that as a general rule, I don't eat donuts!

But these are not just ANY donut, of course.  A Krispy Kreme Original Glazed.   See?  So suddenly I know what classes donuts are to be found in. 

I know species and genus and I could quickly sort them into a pleasing configuration for maximum eating pleasure.

Krispy Kremes

I don't eat donuts as a general rule, remember? Except for when we drive near Krispy Kremes and that HOT NOW sign comes on and the smell hits me and I throw caution to the wind and I order a DOZEN Original Glazed - straight out of the oven.

Krispy Hot

Okay, so technically the "no donut" thing is really more of a loose guideline than a hard and fast rule.  =D
(you wish you were me. =D)