From my point of view

P4253295The year we moved into this house, we planted roses.
They each have names and a story to tell.  The names and colors all have meaning for me.  Much like everything else that decorates my home.  That is really important to me.  Sure I like stuff that is fun and colorful, but if you were to ask, I would have a story to tell about the things I choose to surround myself with.

This particular rose bush (can I really call it a bush?)  is called Stairway to Heaven. And no, it's not that I am a hard core Led Zeppelin fan. =D

I chose this one because of the clumps of bright red flowers it promised to produce.
Red, of course, is my favorite color. But the color alone was not the impetus for my choice.
It is because they grow in such a way as to remind me of my bridal bouquet.

Awww. I know. I know.
Mushy. Cheesy. Sappy. Dorky.
But confronted with these every day, I think:
Beautiful. Amazing. Fabulous. Spectacular.

I guess it's just a matter of perspective.