14 years ago today my doctor spoke those magical words, "it's a boy."

Jon's image

And asked The Question: "What will you be naming him?"

Me: "Jonathan Edward Darby."

Jonathan after his paternal grandfather, John. (Eric's dad.) Plus it means something. It means God's gift. Or God is gracious to give.

So God, himself, was gracious to give us and allow us to name this wide-eyed miracle that I held in my arms that day and even gave us his name. "Jonathan Edward." Yes, after the Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God guy.

We have great expectations for this kid to fulfill, but right now, he's just Jon. And he's 14 today. And I love him just as much today as the day we brought him home.

With the others there is a shred of doubt as to whether I'm the best person to be raising them. But with Jon, I am absolutely sure that I am the best mom for the amazing task ahead.

I'm fully aware that I'm not just raising a boy, I'm making a man.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan Edward.  I love you so much I could spit.  =D