It's me, Amy.  The Sell-Out.

I had a desperate moment.

I was out of café.

I was exhausted.

I was running late (or is it "latte"?)

I sold out.

I BOUGHT my morning cafécito from STARBUCKS!!


And this is how it went:  I walked in, feeling ashamed.  I kept my sunglasses on so I could not be recognized.  I waited in line.  There's ALWAYS a line.

I listened to what sounded like another language.
"Grande Mocha Frappucino"
"No Foam, Half Caf, Venti Latte"
"Grande Caramel Machiato with Whip"

And then, it was my turn . . . "A double espresso please"

You know the Visa commercial where everything stops when someone pays with cash?  I swear that's what happened.

Everyone stopped.  The "barista" looked at me blankly and said,"What?"

I repeated my order, "Double espresso"

"That's it?"  He stared at me in disbelief.

That was the moment I realized that further communication with the sub-species known as "Starbucks Barista" was futile.


(it won't happen again)