For the love of guava...

WARNING: I've used a lot (!) of exclamation points in the following post. Such was my level of excitement...

In my family of origin and in the Cuban home where I grew up, we always had a couple of items in the pantry:

  1. Cans of leche condensada (sweetened condensed milk).
  2. Bars of guava paste.

I'm guessing that the way we used those two culinary (?) items might seem questionable to those outside of our culture, but they were staples in our home.

I'm also guessing that guava might be an acquired taste.

This doesn't, however, diminish my love for guava in any form, particularly when it comes to desserts.

Exhibit A - Pastelito de Guayaba from the nearest Portos Cuban Bakery:

Pastelito de guayaba

The following exchange started when a fan of MBFCF posted the following photo on my Facebook fan page. (By the way, if you don't follow MyBigFatCubanFamily on Facebook, you really should. But that's not important right now.)

"Look!" My friend, Maria Prieto, tagged me in a photo:


They look like Fig Newtons, but made with guava?


I decided that I Must. Have. These. Sadly, this guavaliciousness is only to be found 3,ooo miles away... in Miami.

Then another friend posted this ad from Sedanos. Which I'm pretty sure only exists in Miami, which, again, is 3,000 miles away from me.

(I'm starting to take this personally...)

Guava bite cookies

They're even on sale! Why, oh why, do I live 3,000 miles away from this guavaliciousness?

At almost the same time, I got an email from Reader Grace with the following photo:

Guava bites2

And another from Geraldine raving about the guavalicious goodness of these forbidden treats. (3,000 miles away, people!)


And then this one from the lovely Christina Flores-Pina. Her blog is called La Cocina de Christina, and you want to go check it out. Trust me. (She can probably even tell you how many Weight Watchers points in these, because she knows stuff and is cool that way.)

Christina Flores-Pina

The taunts photos were coming from everywhere. *heavy sigh*

But then, because MBFCF readers are fabulous that way....the offers started coming in, too....

My friend, Maria, who happens to live in Miami and near a place that sells the forbidden fruit bites, offered to send me some.


{Special NOTE: Maria is the fabulous artist, Maria Soto Robbins - here's a link to her artsy blog, who made the beautiful pendants that my daughters and I love and wear most all the time. Please check out her wonderful ETSY shop, art by msr, and give her some love.}

Guava bites

And another from Reader Gladys in New Jersey. (New Jersey, you might have noticed, is still 3,000 miles away from me. Just sayin.')

Guava bites NJ

So now, I've got quite the stash of the fabulously amazing Conchita Guava Bites! (<--That exclamation point is actually part of their logo, but that's not important right now.)

And while we're on the subject, to the Conchita Guava Bites! (<--again) People, I'd just like to say that I'd really love a lifetime supply of these beauties for all this free press I'm giving you and also because the nearest store that carries these is 3,000 miles away. Just consider it, please. That is all.  ;-)

And to those of you who have so generously offered to help me maintain my guava habit, muchisimos besos!

Guava biter

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