Following my Bliss(dom)

I'm headed out to Nashville, Tennessee for the Blissdom Blogging Conference 2012.

I'm so looking forward to my time there! I'll be staying with my good friend and partner in Tiki Tiki and Blog Crime, Carrie Ferguson Weir.

Marta & carrie

I promise to share all the wonders of Nashville if I can figure out how to blog from my smart phone. (That would be kind of lame not to be able to do that. Hello? SMART phone! But that's not important right now.)




Anyway, I'll be visiting, sightseeing, eating wonderful things and hanging with my Cuban Cubiches in Nashville.

I'll be back in a week or so with lots of really cool giveaways and things to share.

In the meantime, since I won't be in town for Luza's birthday. Can you share with me how to thwart the evil eye? I swear, my mom is part gypsy. ;-)

Next time you hear from me, I'll be in Music City. (I'm already feeling sooo accidentally cool.)