Flip-flop. ;-)

Okay, so we're on our way to the beach on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon in So Cal.

As we're getting onto The Toll Road we spot DOZENS of police officers on motorcycles with their lights all flashing, and behind them there were about four or five patrol cars, with their lights flashing too.  In front of this dizzyingly dramatic display of lights was a Big Black Bus.


My first thought was that there was some kind of Seriously-Deranged-Prisoner that was being moved. You know what I'm talking about. It happens all the time in those movies where the Really-Bad-and-Criminally-Insane-Psychotic-Mastermind is getting transported from one Maximum-Security-Facility to another More-Remote-UBER-Maximum-but-More-Remote-Security-Facility, but you know he's already made contact with his Felony-Stupid-yet-Devoted-Henchmen, who will, at any minute, stop the motorcade with some Crazy-Scary-Illegal-Weapons that they've procured from a Jihadist-Terrorist-Organization, and I'm seriously freaking myself out, but I'm already cruising onto the on-ramp and now there are cars behind me...

So, I start kind of slowing down as my adrenaline gets pumping and my imagination has already told my brain that I need to find a place to turn around because you know, any minute now the henchmen will appear on this usually deserted stretch of road.... when suddenly, my terrifying revelry is interrupted by my husband.....

Eric: "That's right! Barak Obama is speaking in Newport Beach tonight!"


I flip-flopped (=D)  from terror to irritation....

Because now this Silly Kaleidoscopic Motorcade was seriously impeding our progress in getting to the beach.

Can you say... Overly Ripe Imagination?  ;-)

Crescent Bay, Laguna
Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach.
Where we arrived much later than we intended, and I blame him, but that's not important right now. =D