Flan in my blood (or is it my cheeks?)


Over at Babalú today, I tell the story of how my amazing grandmother made perfect flan in a tin can, in a coal burning stove back in the 1930's.   She should certainly have received a crown for that accomplishment. (it still blows my mind)

To this day, my mom calls herself La Reina del Flan (The Queen of Flan).

The art of flan-making is in my red, hot Cuban blood.  I come by it honestly. And it's Christmas.  Time for the traditional Noche Buena Flan and baby, I'm making it!

But I don't think I'm quite prepared to take on an Official Title. 
Unless it's something like, Marta - Lover of Leche Condensada

But then, really, who needs a title when you've got the cheeks to prove it?? =D


How about this title

(shut up.)  ;-)