"Five Random Facts" or "The Highlights of Marta's OCD"

P7237086As if my blog wasn't already full of random and useless facts about me, I've been tagged by sweet Annie.
And of course, I had to do an entire scrapbook page. Instead of eight random facts, I wrote five because that worked better with this layout. =D
(and truthfully, it was a no-brainer because I had already done it - this is from a class I did last year with Cathy Z.)

1) ~ I still think in Spanish on many occasions. I have to translate what I want to say or do into English. This all happens in my head. Sometimes I cannot for the life of me remember the English word for what I'm thinking. But I don't have an accent in either language. (now I'm wondering if the forgetfulness is more the product of my age...maybe there's even a name for it - Bilingual Dementia??)

2) ~ When I find myself in uncomfortable situations, I count. I just start counting quietly in my head until it calms me down. I think it must be a form of reassuring myself that the discomfort won't last. (and because sucking my thumb would be way too obvious.)

3) ~ I love to cook. I'm a wonderful and super messy cook. I absolutely hate cleaning up after myself. It's not fair, I know. I don't even clean up as I go. (I know there is a way to do this, but it escapes me  completely) I don't put things away or rinse things out as I am through using them.  (whatever you're thinking now, don't even say it! =D)

4) ~ I will not watch scary movies. NEVER. They scare me and they don't entertain me at all. I will not budge on this. Not tempted in any way to ever watch scary movies. I like light comedies or well written action/drama. Movies are fun for me. I won't spoil it for myself by being freaked out.

5) ~ When I eat a Hershey's Kiss, I never EVER bite into it. I take my time and just suck on it until it starts to disappear and then I introduce another Kiss and continue the same "melts in your mouth" process. I do this with about five kisses until they're all completely gone. (I'm aware that I mixed my candy slogans there, but you get the picture)

There they are. Five of my (bizillion!) quirky qualities.
I feel so vulnerable now. [sigh.]  ;-)