First things first

Because I'm an avid scrapbooker, family historian and documenter of all things in my family's life, you can be sure that I have recorded all of my kids' firsts:

  • first smile
  • first tooth
  • first Christmas
  • first days of school
  • first time on stage
  • first dance
  • first (fill in the blank)

I could go on and on (oh, you know that I could)......

And so it is with great pride that I was able to document this first in my son's life:
Guarapo Adam

Adam's first GUARAPO!

Okay, I'll explain.
"Guarapo" is a drink made from pure, fresh sugar cane.
Yes, you read that correctly.......
Sugar Cane Juice.

The juice is obtained by crushing sugar cane in an electric mill that separates the peel from the pulpy insides:
Guarapo machine
It was a fascinating process to watch and such a proud moment for this Cuban mom.
Okay. So maybe he was whirling around like a Tasmanian Cuban-American Devil for the rest of the day, but that's not important right now.   =D