Favorite scene from the movie of my life

P9208640Neighbor: "So, you guys had quite the party last night, huh?"

Me: "Umm. . . no.  But Amy and Adam came over for dinner." =D

Seriously. The noise level when my four offspring are in the same room is Off. The. Charts.

I pretend to be upset.

"You're all just sooo NOISY."

They get louder and totally ignore me because they know I really don't mean it.

Truthfully, I love it when they are all here and happy to be together (and they know it).  Then they do that Cuban thing of talking louder than each other and all at once. 
So familiar. And so crazy-making.

I grab my camera and ask them to please just be QUIET (I swear they are NOISY!) and act NORMAL for Just. One. Picture. PULL-LEEZ!
Is that too much to ask???

P9208628 Apparently it is. (sigh)

But here's a confession:
If this was the movie of my life, this would be my very favorite scene. 
And so, I laugh loudly along with them, until that silly tear escapes out of the corner of my eye.

And I don't think they even notice until Adam yells, "Mom is leaking!" and they surround me in a group hug.  And I try to shake them off but they just press in tighter.

And that leak then becomes a torrent that I can't contain,  because I am continually overwhelmed by what amazing people they all are.

Even if they are a little disobedient (and oh, so NOISY).  ;-)