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August, 1960. Varadero Beach in Cuba. My beautiful sister, Miriam.

Miriam in Varadero037
According to the stamp on the back of the photo, it was just a few days after her birthday in 1960.
M in Varadero back038

She was so proud to be photographed on the beach in her gorgeous new Catalina Swimsuit  - "Styled for the Stars of Hollywood."

Catalina was the brand that supplied suits to the bathing beauties of the world and all the hot Hollywood starlets of the 30's, 40's and 50's.  The traditional swimsuit competition of the Miss America and Miss Universe pageants featured iconic Catalina Swimsuits. Catalina was synonymous with beautifully classic style.

And here is my big sister, standing proudly in her Catalina, frozen in time in all her lovely bathing beauty glory.

Beautiful. Classic. Iconic. Just like that Catalina suit.

Happy Birthday, Manana! I love you.