Falling back

We had no big plans for the weekend after our Halloween party on Friday.  Like I said yesterday, we were feeling pretty zombie-like and didn't have energy for much. 

Honestly, I like weekends where we are all just puttering around the house, reading or watching movies, or working on projects without the "tyranny of the urgent."

Besides, on days like that, laundry gets done and my family is once again grateful for the little things, like clean socks, but that's not important right now.

Our biggest project yesterday was to put together our November calendar, a ritual that Lucy and I enjoy on the first of every month. (Instructions for this calendar here and for creating an Advent Calendar like this here.)
Nov calendar

It was late in the evening of our very relaxed day when Eric asked, "When does the time change?"

Yikes! We had completely forgotten.  Daylight Saving Time.  It starts at 2 am, which, come to think of it is such a random time.  Why not midnight? Why not 3 am?  Whatever....

So we started running around changing clocks (well technically, Lucy was changing the clocks.  I ran to get my camera first. =D) and then realized just HOW MANY clocks we have in our house.

Clock 1

Clocks 2

Clocks 3

Clocks 4

Clocks 5

Clocks 6

Clocks 7

Clocks 8

Clocks 9

Clocks 10


You know, for people who work and school at home and don't really follow a formal schedule, we have A LOT OF CLOCKS.

I didn't count.  And I'm sure I missed some. My mom would count.  She's kind of obsessive-compulsive that way. 

What about you?

How many clocks are in your world?  Digital?  Analog?  Do cellphones count? Does anyone wear a watch anymore?

"Woh- oh, what I want to know - where does the time go?"
                                        ~ Uncle John's Band, Grateful Dead