Extreme dessert names?

I publicly disclose a private fantasy today over at Babalú.
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You're curious now, aren't you?
Don't get excited.
It's just another uber-geeky moment I've taken to the extreme.
I made this amazing caramely-coated-flaming-bananas-over-ice-cream-and-pound-cake dessert thing. (kind of like a Bananas Foster, but not....) but I need a better name than Marta's Bananas. (I know. yawn. but there was a good reason.)
Flaming Bananas of Death
Adam thought a fun name would be Flaming Bananas of Death.

I thought people might be put off by the "... of Death" part.

Go check out my recipe, then come back and let me know if you have any ideas for a new name - I'm open to suggestions....