Everyone's Invited!

I can't remember when this started, but as long as I remember we have been making invitations for our Nochebuena Celebration on December the 24th.

It's always the same people (with a few added guests). They all know when and where the party is because we have been discussing it for weeks. And, Duh! We do this every, single year. But still, the invitation must be sent out.

And of course, because I can't just go to the store and buy a cute invitation, because that would be way too easy. I always end up playing a game of "One Up" with myself. As in "What did I do last year?" (This is last year's invitation.) I have to go "One Up" from that and take it to the next level. (Please don't ask about the logic of this. There obviously is none.)

So, here's this year's NocheBuena invitation. (drum roll please.....)

Nochebuena invitation 2010

It's a long tag. The gift-giving directions are on the back and there's a snowflake attached. (I am just feeling the snowflake love this year, but that's not important right now.) It's got a red velvet ribbon, making it suitable for hanging on the nearest Christmas tree.

If you decide to come, just please remember to RSVP. We will be happy to move some furniture around, set an extra place and make room just for you. =D

Do you send invitations? Phone calls? Emails? Texts? Tell me.

Just in case you were curious, here are our invitations from 2006, and 2007.

And because I'm still in the giving mood, there are some cute Spanglish Gift Tags I created that are FREE for you to download over at the Tiki Tiki.

[Creative Notes: The tag itself is from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals and it's called Remembering December. The scrolling typeface is called Mutlu Ornamental and the smaller curly print is appropriately called Santa's Sleigh. Both are from dafont.com. I inked the edges of the tag to give it some character.]