Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

P81379431I have to admit that my original plan was to write an extensive blog post on the amazingness (is that a word?) of this show.

I thought I would describe each moment in great detail and send you off immediately to at least get the cd because you've never heard this very familiar music mixed quite so brilliantly.

I thought I might even include a photo of Helen and Daisy and Lucy and Me standing in front of the venue looking eager and excited.

That was before The Camera Incident.

I was very aware that there was no videotaping allowed during this show. And of course, no flash photography. I had neither. But I did have my trusty Olympus E-300 Evolt with the ISO cranked up to 1600 so I could just surreptitiously take photos without disturbing the performers or even the folks around me.

P8137967 The show was too incredible to describe, but what I can describe is the behavior of The Camera Nazi in the guise of a helpful usherette.  She basically threatened to confiscate my camera.  (What???) And wanted me to delete any pictures from my card I had taken of the show.  (Delete??? Are you mad??) Well, that's what I wanted to ask, instead I just shuffled and bowed and oh goodness and yes ma'amed my way out of a stay in the hotel security cells. (which I was sort of thinking in the back of my obviously insane mind might have been kind of cool, but only if they had let me keep my camera which they were obviously intending to relieve me of, and then there would be that late night, long distance explanation phone call to Eric and so I quickly bailed on that leg of the fantasy. . .) 

"Yes, of course. I'll be happy to delete them."
is what actually came out of my mouth, because my mouth obviously has a higher self-preservation instinct than my creative bone. But my creative bone went into High Camera Defense mode and so I watched kind of helplessly as my fingers pressed the back button and deleted one and then clicked forward and there was a picture obviously NOT taken there at the show and I just kept clicking forward (this was kind of an out-of-the-body experience for me. I couldn't believe I was being so sneaky) - 350 pictures on the card might have taken a long time, is what I guess The Nazi figured also, so she gave up and let me go (Free at  Last! Free at Last!) but the incident made me a just a little paranoid and crazed.

P8137924 So instead of telling you all about how much I LOVED the show, I am telling you how I barely escaped the evil clutches of the LOVE police.

Okay, so I confess I might have maybe violated a dozen or so copyright violations. I'm not exactly sure because in between yelling dark threats at me, The Nazi was unable to explain exactly what the problem was with me taking quiet, dark pictures.

Maybe it just looked like my camera was pro and that I was actually a spy and I was going to be able to reproduce this show from my blurry photos and become their major competition.  (actually, the photos turned out quite good, I think.)

To which I immediately thought, "Heck, I can just buy a program and scan all the pictures and post those if I really wanted to."

But lucky for me, (and my grateful traveling companions) I sensibly kept those creative thoughts to myself. =D

I still recommend you see the show and if you're so inclined go ahead and drop the fifty bucks on the program.  My conscience is clean. ;-)

NOTE: For those of you that didn't catch it, the post title is the name of a Beatles song.