So is this like our "quinceañera?"

P8057339Established in 1992.

That's what it says on the wall of our stairwell.

August 8, 1992, to be exact.
That was fifteen years ago today.

That's right.
Today is our Happy Anniversary.

Fifteen years.
Or one hundred eighty months.
Or five thousand, four hundred seventy-five days.

In that time:

We have warmed countless seats at football games, high school plays, ComedySportz matches and dance recitals.

We have experienced the amazing joy of bringing new life into the world.

We have each cried bucketfuls of tears.

We have learned how to comfort one another.

We have taken a dozen trips to the emergency room of our local hospital.

August_8_1992088We have used our bread machine practically every day.

We have traveled to various spots on the map, usually spots that involve tropical beaches and sunsets.

We have purchased an old house and turned it into a home.

We have put up fifteen Christmas trees.

We have prayed for our children's futures.

We have had knock-down-drag-out arguments.

We have made up.

We have bought major appliances.

We have taken salsa lessons.

We have survived two teenage drivers.

We have learned how to champion one another.

We have laughed. A lot.

We have survived the "for poorer" and "in sickness" part of our wedding vows.

We have entertained hundreds of family and friends.

We have planted a rose garden.

We have celebrated. Sometimes extravagantly. Sometimes simply.

We have marveled at how God brought made our lives intersect at just the right moment for both of us.

We have seen lots of movies.

We call each other "Honey."

We have made tons of plans.

We have learned to play golf.

We have never considered divorce as an option. (murder, yes, but never divorce. =D)

We have embraced our differences.

We have laughed at out loud at our dorkiness.

We have been friends through it all.

But most importantly. . . 

WE have done it all TOGETHER. Always together.
Together we have celebrated the ordinary and extraordinary moments that have made up the past fifteen years.

What are our hopes for the future?

We wrote it on our bedroom wall.  So it's the first thing we see when we open up our eyes each morning.

P8057343 [Fifteen years is a lo-o-ong time.
Good thing I didn't blink or I might have missed something.] ;-)

Happy Anniversary, Honey! I'm so glad we're in this TOGETHER.