Es pa'l jalo uin

Pa309625It's not about the dressing up and getting candy.  Heck, I can do that any day. ;-)

It's that now we have put Traditions in place.  And they must be respected.

First it's the trip to the pumpkin patch to choose the best carving pumpkins and I always make them pose behind the cut-outs.  (They were much more willing when they were younger.  Now they have reputations to worry about.  But they still do it... for me. =D)

Round one: Jonathan and Daisy.

Ben got distracted with the toy cars.  "Where my punkin go?" (too cute!)

There has to be a choco-fest.  (Did I tell you I can't have chocolate? It's so wrong.)  =(

Then the rest of the carving-posse arrived.


And this was the culmination of the evening's work:

What I like most is that even when we adults get tired, they carry on, because it is A Tradition now.
I think that's cool.  I love that their friends feel so at home here. 
I love that there is so much LIFE going on.  They're noisy and busy. And that's as it should be.
I love when they are being creative and having fun and sharing.
There is a sense of abundance.  Lots of pumpkins, lots of candy, lots of food, lots to do.
Lots of life.

Because even though we know that it's Halloween and it has that whole day-of-the-dead thing going for it, we are very busy just seriously celebrating LIFE.

Happy Day!