Epicuriouser and curiouser...

So, I'm still recovering from the Comelatas that defined the month of December for me. And I'm still struggling to migrate my files from the old Mac G5 to the new (Thank you, God and my sweet husband!) Macbook Pro laptop.

There have been multiple trips to the Apple store to consult Geniuses and of course there's a learning curve, but while my digital photos, music and files are all in disarray, there is one constant in my life: I still have to eat. (Actually, more like, I still have to cook, but that's not important right now.)

I noticed that, not only have I been cooking a lot, (and eating well, I might add) but I also tend to take photos of my meals. Does anyone else do this?

I know. It's weird, right? It's almost like a diary.

I am remembering that in the early days of our Cuban exile, for some reason we took photos of our food "to send back to Cuba."  Thinking about this early practice now with a semi-reasoning mind, I'm wondering "What the heck were we thinking?"

Seriously. Like, "Look at all the food available to us here in America. Neener, neener?" Now, in my current life, this compulsive-food-photography-to-share-abroad seems totally strange, and yet....

I continue to photograph whatever is on my plate. I know. Shut up.

Carryover from Interrupted Cuban Childhood?

Artistic Fascination with Colors, Textures and Aromas?

Or Personal Dysfunctional Obsession? ;-)

Here's the evidence. You be the judge.

The following were all on my iPhone, taken in the last month.








Look at all that fabulous food I've been eating.

(Neener, neener!) =D