Enigmatically Cuban

When people find out I'm Cuban (which is practically one of the first things I tell them about myself, but that's not important right now) they ask me if I know "so and so" - their only other Cuban friend. They tell me the person's name and look questioningly into my eyes.

Surely I must know every other Cuban on the planet?

I wonder sometimes about their knowledge of history and geography and smile pleasantly and say, "that name sounds familiar, but I don't think I know them."

I know I don't look like your typical Spanish-speaker. I know I have the blue eyes and light skin. That doesn't mean I don't have salsa in my blood and a passionate love for all things guava.

And when they say, (which they always do), "Funny, but you don't look Cuban," I smile and keep my next thought to myself.....

And then I offer them a pastelito de guayaba and a sweet, hot espresso. "What? That isn't like anything you've ever tasted before?"

"Well, neither am I." ;-)

Photo on 2010-10-31 at 11.36

Just call me Marta de la Saguesera.