El Niño

Okay, so I did a little more than visit Desi Arnaz Jr. *sigh* when we went to Las Vegas this past weekend.

Eric had to be in meetings for most of the time (except when his client wined him and dined him and took him to The Mirage to see Danny Gans, but that's not important right now).

Which is why I took Adam. So that he could keep me company. Adam is 22, which, if you know your Charada China, is SAPO (TOAD....eeeww!).  Now, being a SAPO could go either way - you're either super lucky or a jinx.

And with Adam, who is the most rambunctious and unpredictable of my four kids (and probably the most like me, which is why he's so crazy-making), I figured we'd either 1)have a fabulous time, or 2) I would end up wanting to bludgeon him with a blunt object.  It could go either way.  ;-)

I was worried, too, that he'd get carried away gambling - this being the first time he could legitimately play - and he would be sad about losing all his money.  You know how it is.  Or possibly you don't, but well...

You have these great big notions about Las Vegas! and really high expectations and well, I didn't want him to be disappointed.

So here's how Adam's first Vegas trip went down:

We laughed and told jokes on the four hour road trip. (Eric drove.)
Adam & me
We stayed at the fabulously ritzy Trump International Hotel. (thanks, Eric's client!)
Everything was gold and the beds were super comfy and there was a really deep bathtub where you could soak AND watch tv, and okay... maybe that was kind of an overshare....
Adam & me 1

We had dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy (chosen for it's Rat-Pack-Old-School-Vegas ambience) and walked over to the Venetian (my very, most favoritest place on Las Vegas Blvd.) because we were meeting Eric there for a late show to see....
Adam & me 2

Wayne Brady. Painfully funny Improv comedy, which you know we soooo love. We were still laughing at 1 am when we decided to order room service back in our fabulously ritzy hotel room. (Thanks again, Eric's client! =D)
Adam & Eric
Of course, you know we spent Saturday afternoon with the Arnaz's.  (Hi Desi *sigh* & Amy!)

Afterwards, I took him Downtown to the old-school casinos and we played Keno while having lunch at The Golden Nugget. Classic.
Adam & me 3

One of us took a break to soak in the fabulously ritzy tub while watching tv at our hotel while the other of us wandered up and down the strip for a few hours.  (Can you guess who did what? =D)

We met up later on at the beautiful Palazzo Hotel...
Adam & me 5

Where we saw The Jersey Boys.  So much fun!
Adam & me 4

Obviously, we had a wonderful time.

So... I would say that in Adam's case, judging by all the fun stuff we got to do and all the fun we had, that his SAPO-ness is the lucky kind. (phew!)

And I won't tell you specifically how he did with his first time gambling, but here he is comparing the wax figure of Ben Franklin at Madame Tussaud's to his newly aquired Ben Franklin Presidential Flash Cards.   ;-)

Adam & Ben Franklin