El gato y la computadora

The computer printer is on my desk and it networks to the rest of the pc's in the house. It will sometimes crank up (seemingly) out of the blue and start printing history pages or marketing files or math printouts (depending on who's doing what around here).

I'm kind of used to it now as it starts to make the familiar wind-up noise and I casually lean over to see who's printing what. (It's one of the ways I know the kids are on track with schoolwork, but that's not important right now.)

So I'm sitting at my desk when the printer starts whirring and clunking and printing what appears to be a really long document.  I take a peek, like usual, and I see that someone is printing: My Blog. Huh?

Why would the kids be printing my blog? Research? Umm... nope.
Certainly it's not Eric.
Intrigued, I go to investigate and this is what I find:

Nefret Darby finds a warm spot.

Hello? Animal Planet?  (sheesh!)