Eight is great. (yes, I can rhyme!)

She was born in 2000 on this date.
Daisy's 8th Gla…r Party 011
I remember being in an emotional state.
(I don't know if you can relate.)

She's my Grand-niece, which makes me, not just her Aunt, but her Great.
Daisy's 8th Gla…r Party 010
Being half-Cuban is her happy fate.
(I'm a little alarmed by her growth-rate.)

Her name is Daisy - let's just get that straight.
Daisy's 8th Gla…r Party 042
She's not two, four, or six. She's eight.
(I'm glad this is in English, so I don't have to translate.)

I want to give her a license plate...
Daisy's 8th Gla…r Party 049
That reads DAZISGR8.
(I know it should be 7 letters, but, well.... she's EIGHT!)

Daisy's 8th Gla…r Party 053
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Miss Doodle! I love you!

(Rockin' hairdo courtesy of Club Libby Lu @ Downtown Disney)