Driving Miss Daisy

P51339831Blogosphere, meet Miss Daisy.
Miss Daisy, meet the Blogosphere.

She is the first of my mom's seven great-grands. I am her GREAT aunt. (goes without saying)

Besides being OBVIOUSLY adorable with a great sense of humor, she is smart as a whip.

In fact, I'll bet you would be hard pressed to know as much stuff as she does.

1) She can easily name the seven days of the week.

2) She can probably tell you that there are Seven NEW Wonders of the World. (and name them)

Daisy_photo_strip 3) She knows what two times seven equals.

4) And probably all her seven times tables and she will even be able to sing them using the Lucky Seven Sampson song from Schoolhouse Rock.

See how she knows stuff?  She's driven, I tell you.

5) She looks completely stylish in any style of jeans she chooses to wear, even if they aren't 7's. (her mother is grateful..)

6) She knows that we just finished July which is the seventh month of the year.

7) She can name the author and the titles of all the Harry Potter books, including the seventh one.

So, now I've given you seven different examples of stuff Daisy knows.

Now, it's your turn.

Can you guess how old this beautiful girl is today?

Give up?

No. Try again.

Maybe you should review the seven pictures of her I've posted here.

I'll give you seven guesses! ;-)

P72571081I love you, Miss Doodle, Happy Birthday!

(Hey! that was seven words! weird.)