*Dreamhouse sold separately*

If I were a Barbie Doll, I'd have names for all the different roles I've ever played and the various phases of my life.

Right now I'd have 3 different iterations of the Marta Doll:

There would, of course, be Blogger Marta - she comes with her own tiny Mac that really boots up!

And Cuban Cook Marta - with an actual tiny copy of her cookbook. =D


Don't forget, Homeschooling Mom Marta. She has books, a calendar, a tiara and a scepter. ;-)

This one here would be Teenage Marta, High School Cheerleader - she comes complete with saddle shoes and pom-poms!

Cheer 1070

If I could travel back in time, there are so many things I would tell Teenage Marta! (I would definitely start with how adorable she looked in her little cheerleader costume, but that's not important right now.)

Today over at the Tiki Tiki, I do some Time Traveling and give my teenage self 3 pieces of advice. I'd love to hear what you would tell your teenage self.  Tell me.