Documented proof

Remember at the beginning of the year when I told you I was going to be taking a picture every day this year?

I'm still doing it.

Every single day.
At least one picture. (Ooh! So proud of myself!)
And no, I'm not delusional enough to think that I'm any kind of great photographer.  But armed with my really awesome camera, I can hold my own.

My camera

I thought I'd be burned out by now.  I'm not.  Probably for the following reasons:

1) Because I love my camera almost as much as I love my children. (Some days more. =D)

Sept 1

2) I feel like it's more important to document our day-to-day simple (and mostly fun) everyday life than it is to capture the posed "aren't we all just so beautiful and happy all the time" moments.  (That's not to say that my life isn't beautiful and happy most days, but that's not important right now.)

Sept 13

3) Because the "snapshot" (excuse the pun) of my life that is coming together is so wonderfully representative and so very telling.

Sept 28

I have found that I take lots of pictures of people and personal things. 
I don't do landscape shots too often. 
The stuff in my garden never ceases to amaze me and makes me believe in a good, creative, and generous God.  And I don't take myself too seriously. (this is news?) 

I also found out I am left-eyed (meaning I will always look through the viewfinder with my left eye, because it feels weird with my right) and I tilt my head to the right when I am composing a picture.  (This explains why I quickly knew the answer to that question in the Left/Right Brain quiz, but that's not important right now, either.)

Taking pictures each day has helped me become more aware and appreciative of the little things that make up my life. 

By doing this simple exercise every single day, I found out the truth of what I already suspected...

Yes, my life is charmed.   ;-)