Designer Genes

Luza_20080301_074526If you're a regular reader of this blog, you're probably wondering where my mom has been. 
She's been in Miami.
For the last MONTH.
Visiting her big brother.
Did I mention that she just turned 94?
Her big brother, my uncle Fernando, is 97 (and lives alone, BTW).

WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE MADE OF?? (and did I get any of those genes?)

I haven't talked to her much because she's been going from party to party. Seriously. She's dragging out her birthday celebrations and letting everyone fuss over her and make dinners and cakes. She's been busy.

She calls.
From the Palacio de los Jugos.
On a cell phone.

She can't really talk, she just wanted to know if I thought it would be okay if she brought home some cod. (Cod?? in a suitcase?? We live in California. We can get cod! I tell her I don't think that's a good idea . . . she's doing it anyway. SIGH =D)

She had to go.
She had another party at Hildi and Joaquin's. (this picture is from them - thank you!)

"Muchos besos!" She says this in an air-kiss-gotta-go-love-you-no-time-to-talk way.

I'm left holding the phone, shaking my head, and marveling at this amazing person who just happens to be my mother. 

I'll be picking her up at the airport in a few hours and then we'll head back to her house where the rest of the family will be waiting to have . . . (what else?) another party. (sheesh) ;-)