"Cui bono?"*


Remember my cool (and at this point) pristine advent calendar

Here's what it looked like at the end of December:


How this will translate to my Christmas 2007 scrapbook . . .

I took photos of the things we did each day, printed one photo and just pinned them up on the board.  Or sometimes there were just ticket stubs, or an invitation or a program.  I'm almost done with the album.  It's nothing fancy.  I was just basically documenting the stuff of our daily life during the Christmas holidays.  I decided to make it super simple and just tell the who, what, when, where and why of my simple life and how we twenty-first century Cuban Americans "did Christmas" in Suburbia.

Because when I thought of all the reasons that I scrapbook and who the books are actually for, I realized that someday my descendants aren't going to care about our postcard-perfect photo ops, but my grocery list might someday be an object of  extreme fascination.  =D

(*NOTE for those of you who didn't go to Catholic school:  "Cui bono?" is Latin for "Who benefits?")