P1089925These clocks are in my kitchen. They read from left to right like this:

~ Hanalei
(our favorite place in Hawaii)
~ Mission Viejo
(where we live)
~ Habana
(where I'm from)
~ Brighton
(England - where my husband's family is from)

Not that clocks mean much to Cubans. We like the concept of "-ish." As in, "we'll be there around 3-ish."

In Spanish, it's "y pico."  "Nos vemos a las 3 y pico."

Although I hate being late, I like the idea of a more flexible time base. It feels more abundant somehow.  There's plenty of time!

My kids are running slow this morning.  Because we homeschool, there are no bells to adhere to, but I still prefer that they get started earlier.  That way, our school day is over earlier.
They are in the kitchen now making breakfast.  And I ask what's up with them that they are so slow today.

"We're running on Cuban time today, Mom." ;-)

They know too much.