Cuban Word of the Day

I have been taking a hiatus to get myself well again from being sick for the first part of this year. (Thank you, Vicks VaPoRub for your constant support.)

I'm 100% better and I'm ready to jump back into blog-world. I had a feeling-sorry-for-myself-emotionally-fragile moment of "I wonder if anyone even remembers me?"

This morning I wake up to this in my Facebook news feed, which was like a shot of adrenaline.

Wait! Is that my face? Shut. UP. I feel sooo accidentally cool!

Cuban word of the day

I may or may not have shed a quick tear. Gracias, Wassup En LA? I'm back. Pastelitos and all.

Also, here's the link for my Homemade Pastelitos de Guayaba. And here's the link to Wassup En LA?'s Facebook Page.  You must "like" them because you will LOVE them. Amen.