Cuban Stress Cure

On Tuesdays:

My son, Jonathan (13) is involved in Drama once again. This year they're doing a Broadway review - scenes from different Broadway musicals, which promises to be really fun and adorable.

I have volunteered once again to coordinate their costumes. Just call me Mrs. Darby, Costume Goddess.

(I may or may not make the kids actually address me this way. =D)

There are thirty kids in seventeen musical numbers, which means about 100 dresses, jackets, tunics, scarves, shoe covers and multiple wigs, uniforms, hats and props that fall under my authority command jurisdiction My-God!-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into!? supervision. 

I was asked to choreograph three of the numbers, also. (Most likely because I am Cuban and the obvious conclusion is that I can dance.) I'm wondering if the director may want it just a bit more elaborate than "wave your hands up in the air - whoop!"

Which means that on Tuesdays I am up to my eyeballs in drama stuff. And I have to admit that while I absolutely love what I'm doing, it also stresses me out quite a bit.

Not to worry. I have found a sure-fire Cuban cure for stress...

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At the rate I'm going it may just be quicker to apply the guava directly to my hips, but that's not important right now. ;-)

(My foolproof and totally easy recipe for homemade pastelitos de guayaba can be found here.)