Cuban Spice

This, my dears, is my version of Huevos Habaneros.
Habaneros? Isn't that like the spiciest chili pepper known to man?
Yes, actually it is, but that's not important right now.
Huevos Habaneros refers to an egg dish named after the capital city of Cuba - Havana. Or in Spanish, La Habana.

Okay. Let me 'splain:

Cuban food is Not Spicy.
It is flavorful and tasty.
We use onion, bell pepper and garlic to spice our food.
There are no tears involved when you take a bite (unless they're wow-this-is-the-most-amazing-food-I've-ever-tasted tears of joy).

So if you take eggs and marry them with classic Cuban spices the result is Huevos Habaneros, as in "eggs from Havana."

Or taking it one step further, I would be Marta La Habanera, or Marta from Havana. (Actually I thought that if I were one of the Spice Girls that Cuban Spice would be a perfect name for me, but let's not even go there. =D)

The recipe is over at Babalú today and it would be perfect for Easter brunch, but please, don't add any habanero peppers.

(And don't say I didn't warn you!) =D