Cuban Pride

P8208106Adam comes bouncing in yesterday in his goofy black Cowboy-Superman hat and wearing this shirt.

Yes, it says:
"Proud Member of the Miami Mafia."
And he does wear it with great pride.

He's twenty-one and for the most part, politics do not usually interest him or his friends.  But because he's Cuban American and because his mother has tutored him in history and politics, he knows a thing or two.

What he knows:
Thing one) We are unapologetically PROUD of our Cuban heritage and right-wing politics.

Thing two) Cuban food is the very BEST on the planet and his mom is a Cuban cook. ;-)

Martas_kitchen_logo_1_copy Adam's mom (of course, that's me!)  is making "Moros y Cristianos" at Babalú today.

[Yes, that translates to: "Moors and Christians"  - this curious name harks back to the era in Spain when black Muslims and white Christians, along with Jews, lived side-by-side on the Iberian Peninsula. The black beans represent the Moors and the white rice represents the Spaniards.]

See?  There I go again.  Now you have learned more than you probably wanted to today.
Except for where to get your own "Miami Mafia" shirt.  I'm getting to that. Go here.

Look at all the stuff you learned today.  I'm sooo proud... =D