Cuban New Year's Eve Traditions

I'm sooo ready.

New year's eve

On New Year's Eve, at the stroke of midnight, we Cubans are BUSY.

When the clock strikes 12 we:

  1. quickly eat 12 grapes - one for each month of the past year.
  2. wash these down with sparkling cider to celebrate the end of the old year.
  3. throw a bucket of water out the front door to symbolize getting rid of all the bad juju from the past year.
  4. put a suitcase outside if we are hoping to travel in the new year.
  5. put some money in the mailbox for prosperity. =D

We did all of this one year ago today.

So I'd like to do a quick recap of this past year based on our Cuban New Year superstitions.

We traveled to all of these places:

  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Las Vegas (twice)
  • Yosemite
  • Miami (twice)
  • Sacramento

It's been a wonderful year for us in so many ways. 

My husband was able to quit his day job and come home and he doubled (yes, you read that right. =D) his income.
I published My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook.  =D
I got to meet so many of you at Cuba Nostalgia - what a treat that was!
I celebrated my 2 year Blogiversary with lots of give-aways.
Not to mention getting to spend time with three of my favorite Cuban blog-friends, Amanda, Chantel, and Carrie.
I get to be a part of Babalú blog - always an honor.
Of course, we spent lots of time at The Park this year.
I finally got my white picket fence.
I got to cook (and cook, and cook some more) for you.
I had my magical moment with my new friend, Desi.  ;-)
My kids, well... you can read all about their wonderful exploits here.

So, this year, I'm ready with all my Cuban superstitions traditions for the New Year.

And yes, I'll be wearing my red underwear for luck because I'm not taking any chances.

I know. Total over-share, but that's not important right now. ;-)