Cuba Nostalgia, Day 1 - I'm already Nostalgic

I already have so many stories I can't wait to share . . .

I am so excited to be here in Miami and to re-connect with my friends from last year.

Here I am with my co-bloggers (is that a word?), the amazing Ziva, the wise-cracking Reinier, and the lovely Amanda.


It was crazy, everyone was hugging, talking, laughing, and (of course) blogging. Adam kept joking about how we were the uber-nerds of Cuba Nostalgia. "When there's all this amazing Cuban food and music, you people BLOG??"
There's Amy (exCUSE me - "Kikita") blogging alongside the focused Henry, and the brilliant Alberto.


I found a new best friend partner-in-crime. . . (Hi Claudia!)


And (can you believe it?)  I have a fan club!  (Okay, well, maybe just A Fan, but that's not important right now. =D) People were actually buying My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook and asking me to sign it!  This is my fan recipe reader:  Mario along with his beautiful wife.


I feel like such a celebrity (with a very little "c.") =D