Cuando Sali de Cuba - Ada's Story

Marta here: I have more stories than I could fit into just one month. I am going to share them once a week. Thank you all for having the courage to share the details of the most difficult time in your life. Today's story comes from Ada. Being able to leave Cuba after just having had surgery was worth the risk.


by Ada Owens

My mom, my dad, my two brothers and I left Cuba when I was just 4 years old.

It was not our time to go, as we were nowhere near the number that was to be called next, but the government got a hold of the fact that my father had just been operated on. They decided to give us our number then, because since they only give you three to four days to prepare to leave, and they figured we would have to stay given my father’s condition.

Ada owens

Once the police officer on the motorcycle left our house after giving my mom the news, she immediately went to the hospital to inform my dad.  To her surprise, he said “Get everything ready; we’re leaving.” He had to sign a paper given to him by the doctor saying that he was leaving on his own free will and that he understood that due to the altitude on the plane, he could hemorrhage. He had his deviated septum operated on, so he had to fly with his head tilted back the entire flight.

Thank God he was ok.
We lived in Puerto Rico for a year with relatives then moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi where I lived for the next 17 years. After that I moved to Miami Lakes. I now reside in Tampa with my husband and two children.  I often think about how different (and bad) my life would have been had my parents decided to stay and commend my parents for their bravery.

Ada owens wed
Ada's family.
Thanks for the chance to tell my story.