The month of June was unseasonably cool around here, which was a good thing in that we didn't have to run our air conditioner that much, but bad in that it was not really beach weather. (sad.)

And we've been through with school since the end of MAY, people!

Okay, so we've been doing lots of fun things. There are concerts to attend and theater to see and art shows, etc.

But we've been waiting (a little impatiently) for the water at the beach to warm up. We are beach people, after all.
And no, we don't mind wetsuits, but still.... we wait..
Eric and board
It's finally happened!

The surf report (we always have to stay on top of the surf report around here) told us there was a warm south swell bringing in big waves and warm water.

Sure enough, when we got to beautiful Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach, we found a 4-6 foot swell and the water temp?

A practically-bath-water-for-So-Cal SEVENTY DEGREES (Fahrenheit).

Lucy says a resounding YES! It's swimmable!

The logic that works here is that once you get in, you just go numb and you get used to it. =D 
Seriously, we tell ourselves this to delude each other into believing the water is comfortable.

In other words, we lie. Hey, it's the decent thing to do!

Crescent jump

No, I personally didn't go in. Someone has to document this type of bravery!  ;-)

Cowabunga, baby!