Convalescing in style

So, apparently I have something called "walking pneumonia" which isn't life-threatening or anything.
I'm just extremely fatigued and need lots of rest.

So here comes Valentine's Day and my poor husband has a sick wife who has to lay low and stay in bed and rest and convalesce.

What's a poor doting husband to do??

Take notes, gentlemen:

He takes his poor (slightly whiny) wife to a luxury resort to rest in 600-thread-count heaven a mere 45 minutes from home.  Where he had a dozen roses delivered to their room. (Oh yes, he did.)
He took her for a long walk in the restorative salt air.
And (ahem...) forced her to take a little nourishment. =D
And although this wife realizes she looks like hell and should really take those bags under her eyes and pack them up (but that's not important right now), she also further realizes she is an extremely blessed and lucky woman.
I'll be convalescing for another day or so, but I promise I will not complain.   ;-)