Compassion or codependence?

P7026471It's cooler today and a little overcast. The perfect morning for sleeping in.
We really don't have anything planned for today.
So I didn't wake the kids.
I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
In fact, I am letting them sleep in.
Then suddenly and without warning, the internal codependent voices jump in to the debate:
~"They have to learn to be disciplined."
~"It's important that they get up early."
~"They are going to be slackers."
~"What will people think if you let them just SLEEP IN??"
~"Bad mother!"
(so far these arguments are not swaying me)

It's not like my kids are undisciplined or anything. They don't slack off when they have stuff to do.
But seriously, today, nothing on the agenda. And they are tired.
Of course there are chores to do and we actually have quite a busy week ahead. But not yet.
Right now I will let them rest because frankly a) it's summer! and b) they are tired.

And when I see them like this, resting so peacefully, compassion totally trumps codependence.