Coming of age - the Cuban way

Okay. So you know that when it comes to my kids, I'm going to gush.
Yes. There's going to be gushing. Just accept it.

("But why is she gushing today?")

Well, because it's Lucy's birthday.
Her 15th.
Say it in Spanish now....
as in quinceañera.

Her now-she-is-a-genuine-Cuban-woman age.
Lucy 15
Her now-she-is-becoming-her-own-person age.
Lucy 15 2
Her now-she-will-put-away-childish-things age.
Lucy surf
Her she-can-totally-hold-her-own-with-the-boys age.
Lucy 15 3
What makes me the most proud about MY Lucy is this:

  • She's already one of the absolutely most genuine people you'll ever meet.
  • She's already very much her own person and she knows her own mind.
  • She can be adorably child-like without being annoyingly childish.
  • And yes, she really can hold her own with the boys.

a) I've done my job really well and she's on her way to becoming the delightful human being I've always hoped she would be.
b) I've done my job really well and I should be taking sedatives for the next few years..

Happy Quinceañera, Loop! 
(I think I'm going to have to go with "a)" on this one. phew!)

Now if I can just get her into a tiara..... ;-)