Comfort Zone

In 1982 my parents decided they wanted to go to Europe. My sister Alina and I volunteered to chaperone. =)Going to "the continent" for the first time meant that the Verdes family had to go in style so my mom insisted that we get decked out - that meant dresses, suits, high heels, pantyhose (Pantyhose!) - for an 8 hour flight across the Atlantic! And we DID it! We complied (much to our great discomfort). After that experience I took a vow: COMFORT would become my highest goal while traveling. Which is how I ended up flying across the country in my sweats and hideous (yet amazingly comfortable) garden shoes. I know. They are horrible, but oh so comfortable. And after all... I did take a vow....."comfort is everything." I know. Hideous. But my feet are happy. Don't judge me. =) Greetings from the right coast!0507090649a.jpg