Color me happy

P3041979When we were little, my mom would do the family grocery shopping on Friday nights.

Because I am Cuban and female, I was being groomed at a young age to be a wife.

So we girls always had to be involved in the food preparation process:
We helped create menus for the week, made up grocery lists, and took turns making dinner for our family of 8.

Obviously this training served me well.  And it's still easier for me to cook for 6 or more. And I love to cook and entertain.

As a reward for being good girls on the family shopping trip, my mom would always buy us a giant bag of M&M's.   Even now, when I get all my paperwork done for school, I will grab a handful of M&M's to celebrate. (I know. I know. How Pavlovian.)
The reds were my favorite, although they disappeared for about 25 years because of that whole red dye # 3 problem.

Anyway, I have come to equate M&M's with rewards and fun and we always keep a jar full in our home. I still love seeing those primary colors in the jar.

And... ok.... I like to think of it as my own personally monogrammed candy. =D

I just know that  sometimes  it helps to add a little color to my life... ;-)