Choices, choices....

I don't usually have trouble making choices. In fact, I'm pretty clear on my personal tastes.

For example, given a choice of items in different colors, my eye (and by extension, my hand) will always choose the RED thing.

I will (9 out of 10 times) choose shoes for comfort rather than fashion.

If I have to choose a movie, it will be a light, romantic comedy, rather than an intense action adventure.

I'm not saying that I don't like or wear other colors besides red, or that I don't own high heels (Hello, Cuban woman!) or that I don't like a thriller every now and then. I'm just saying I have preferences, like most people, that are boringly predictably my own.

Given a choice between steak and chicken, I will absolutely always choose the red meat.

It depends, of course, on the restaurant, but if the menu has a beef option, that will usually be my first choice.

Unless, of course, the menu has a PAN CON MANTEQUILLA featuring CUBAN TOAST option....

Pan con mantequilla copy

At this point, the rest of the world goes a little hazy as all other choices go out the window in favor of the Cuban Bread and Butter alternative.

All bets are off now. I might even choose to wear my purple suede high heels today. ;-)


[Note: Porto's Bakery has opened a shop a mere 40 minute drive from us. Thank you, God.]