Cheaters never prosper.

Pa129253I'm so obedient.

My friend, Nora, posted about her love for Scrabble which gave me an idea for our family game night.

The snack, BTW, was my pastelitos de guayaba.  ;-)

So we got kind of psyched about our Scrabble game, and we pulled out the dusty old board.

(Hey, it's actually pretty nice. Who knew?)

Somewhere along the line we picked up the Deluxe Edition with a lazy-susan type bottom, so you can spin it to face you as you're playing.  Nice.

It has been so long since we played that we had to actually read the rules (whoa!) and we determined that it would be boys against girls (the gender thing always seems to add to the competitiveness).

And we made sure we had a dictionary nearby. 

Just in case . . . the boys tried to cheat.

They start arguing for "QUORDY." 

"QUORDY??? You cannot be serious."

"And no. Just because it sounds real, doesn't make "TIFOOD" a word."

I know. That's sooo wrong.

"No way, guys. . .

KAZOOSTAIR  is not a word in ANY language."


sheesh!  =D