Cheaper than prozac

I've been a little down lately.

My roses are not yet in bloom. *sigh*

And the sweet peas and gladiolus have not yet broken through the still unseasonably cold (this is California and it's already March!) ground.

What's a depressed flower-lover like me to do?

Inspired partly by the gorgeous Gerbera Daisies that I used as a centerpiece for my mom's birthday party
(BTW, she took those home and quickly had her gardener plant them in her own garden.)
Garden 5

And partly by my own impatience. (she said, sheepishly...)

"It's time for a run to the nursery!"
  I declared this loudly and authoritatively so they would know I meant it.

By the time I returned, Eric had already psyched himself up. Jonathan grabbed a shovel.  Lucy grabbed the camera. ;-)
Garden 2
First, we (when I say "we" I mean "Eric") took down the silly fake grapevine that had been hanging over the arch since Adam's birthday party back in July. (I know. Lazy. But I kind of liked it. Don't judge me.)

Garden 4

We (ahem...) planted a pair of climbing roses on either side.
Garden climbing rose

Then we got lots of flats of annual color for the beds.
Garden 1

And deposited a few of those Gerberas in key spots.
Garden 6

My back and my knees are a little sore, (yes, of course I planted too!) but can I just tell you how delighted I am by those spots of color?

I sit and imagine the sweet peas trailing their fragrance over the picket fence and the roses all colorful in their respective corners.  Now I'm completely distracted from the depression that was threatening to overtake me. Instead I'm enthralled by the possibilities that late spring will bring to my garden.

Garden 3

Yes, you may color me HAPPY