Celebrating National Guava Month (Oh, yes I am.)

It's a special Monday, Pre-Thanksgiving Edition of Marta's Cuban American Kitchen.

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I have been trying, without much success, to declare November "National Guava Month." Sadly, no one seems to take me seriously about this, but that's not important right now.

I've taken up the cause on my own. And today I'm all over the place, both on Babalú and on the Tiki Tiki with the delicious marriage of turkey, port, and guava. 

Port wine guava glazed turkey

Because today, I, Marta, hereby declare November to be "National Guava Month."

In honor of National Guava Month, (<--it's got a nice ring to it, don't you think?) I'll be sharing two guava recipes in the next two weeks.

Today to kick off the Guava Celebration, I'm making a Turkey with a Port Wine Guava Glaze. (You just drooled on yourself. Admit it.)

Next week I'll be sharing a Guava Cheesecake (because of a previous request from my friend, Cigar Mike).

Happy National Guava Month! (I cannot think of one downside to this. It's going to be epic.) =D

Who's in?