Celebrating Every Day or My Week in Instagram

Most people start the new year with big plans and a "let's do this" attitude. And I do, too, mostly...

But this year started off with crazy. Here's how I documented my week via Instagram. (Photo sharing app for smart phones.)


Jonathan had his first semester performances the very first week, which meant we were at the theater pretty much every single day.

Greek myth

The cold, drafty, no-warmth-to-be-found-anywhere theater. It was at that point that I caught what started as a cold and is now settling nicely into an upper respiratory infection, but the show had to go on, thankyouverymuch.

Which is how I ended up with not just a little sniffle, but a full-blown, old-school, sneezing-coughing-my-head-is-about-to-burst cold.

In between rehearsals and shows I took as much downtime as possible.


And I was so grateful for my husband who made sure I started the days with protein. (And coffee, and my iPad, but that's not important right now.)


It was a wonderful cast and the kids put on a great performance (even if the theater was as cold as a meat locker).


We all went and supported Jon. He's quite entertaining, you see.


I was so grateful that Lucy was doing the lighting for the show so she was able to drive every day. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that we ate a lot of our meals in the car. Luckily we live in Southern California and there's an In N Out Burger practically on every corner. (Thank you, God.)


In between supporting Jonathan, we were supporting Adam's new Farmers Market venture: Pirate Pancakes. Lucy made the signs.

Pirate pancakes

Adam made the pancakes.

Today pirate pancakes

So I pushed myself in spite of feeling so sick. There was one comfort in all this...


I have the long weekend to rest and get better and the Vicks VapoRub (Veeex Bah Poh Rooo) to help me recover.

You see? It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.

Simple life

It says so on my wall.

When I'm not here on this blog, you can find My Big, Fat, Cuban Family on Facebook.

Or every day on Instagram documenting my daily life. I'm Smrtqbn.

Because over-sharing in just one place is just not enough for this Cubana. Happy Weekend, everyone!