Celebrating birthdays in Middle-earth

NOTE: If you know what I mean when I refer to Middle-earth, and you consider yourself a Tolkien uber-geek, then read on.... (If not, then come back in a few days when I will be posting a delicious recipe for a Cuban Pudín de Pan or Cuban bread pudding).  ;-)

You would think that for all the fuss we go through that it's a family member's birthday. And I guess in a way it is.
Every year on September 22nd, we celebrate Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthdays.

I know. Uber-geeks.
But I've read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy multiple times to my kids, even before they were born. (because my uber-geekiness knows no bounds.) =D

I started the tradition of having the birthday party for Bilbo when they were young and hey, this is the kind of stuff we homeschoolers live for!

And so, year after year, I make a feast fit for hobbits (and Cubans) and if our schedules permit, we will watch The Fellowship of the Ring - the extended version, of course.

We will sit in our regular spots with our Hobbit names on placecards and we will toast Bilbo's and Frodo's health.


Why do we go through all this trouble and silliness?  Well, now it's become a tradition and, well, now I'm committed.

Or.... maybe.....

Now I should be committed? ;-)

Party business

Or maybe I just know that this is one of those memories that will last them a lifetime.