Ceasing from my labors

On this day, designed as a day of rest, this is where you'll find us.


That's right. We'll be at home. Taking a break from the busyness of our lives.

At least just for today...
I will be stopping.
Stopping my running around.
Stopping to just sit.
Stopping my compulsive list-making.
Stopping to read a bit.
Stopping to putter around the garden a bit.
Stopping to just sit outside and watch the flowers grow.
Stopping to enjoy being home.

Just for today...
I will stop being so busy and I will just BE.

Now you...
Take a break.
Right now.
Stop what you're doing.
And relax.
Celebrate the end of summer.
Enjoy your day off.

(I never said I'd stop being bossy.  =D)

Happy Labor Day!